Who am I?


This question has rippled through my brain a lot lately: Who am I? And who am I becoming?

For we’re all a work in progress, some of it voluntary and some not.

Here’s my answers today:

I’m a writer and a fighter – for a good cause or a good person.

I’m a small business owner and a chronicler of entrepreneurs’ stories. (See some of them on my Always Writing page.)

I’m a feminist mom, a change agent and an active volunteer.

I’m a dreamer and a doer.

I’m remixing my career and adding new elements like TAP, the teen artists program which has taught me some valuable lessons and could take me into new directions.

I am determined to thrive and am discovering fundraising and sponsorship strategies.

And I am an active supporter of causes and friends.  Soon I’ll fill in my charities and my WorkingKind blog already gives my conflicts of interest.

And I’m wise enough to know that the answer to this question will be different tomorrow or next month. I may start asking myself: “Why am I?”