A sisterhood of advisors and friends

Sunflower sisters painting by Nur Shah. Buy the print from Mint Artists

Welcome to my sisterhood of do gooders.

My community keeps growing, and I am fortunate to connect with many awesome women who inspire and support me and our nonprofit Mint Artists Guild.   Among them are several artists and creatives who are kindred spirits, caring and involved, busy and yet carving out time to help. Others are entrepreneurs or lawyers or editors. (Of course, I also know and connect with some wonderful men – who belong in a different post.)

A few of these women serve as my advisors or co-coaches, others help out more informally or occasionally. Sometimes they start as sources for stories and grow into colleagues and friends. Other times we volunteer together and our connections bloom from that.  Nur Shah, a young Mint alumni whose work is featured here, has helped out at a Mint exhibit opening.

“I think women are amazing and women’s friendships are like a sisterhood,” said Laurie Holden, a television actress best known for her role in The Walking Dead.

So agree with Holden – and I hold close to these women and their friendships!