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Vickie Elmer works and lives a triple-fold career: as a writer and editor, leader of a small Detroit nonprofit and coach / creative project manager. Her work almost always focuses on jobs, thriving, creativity and change.

She writes about business, careers, leadership and philanthropy for the Washington Post, Crain’s Detroit Business and occasionally, Kiplinger and to CQ/SAGE Business Researcher. She used to write for Quartz, Fortune, the New York Times and others.

 She’s co-owner and chief scooper at  Mity Nice, a small social enterprise that gives teens work and customers joy.  With her sweetheart, Mark, who owns Integrity Shows, they restarted the Palmer Park Art Fair and launched the Belle Isle Art Fair in Detroit. And she’s the co-founder and executive director of Mint Artists Guild, a Detroit nonprofit that helps creative teens learn business, career and life skills as they explore artistic careers.

Her superpower, if she has one, is her ability to move mountains and motivate and engage people – so they want to work and adapt to change. 

She loves art and theater, travel, chocolate, conversation with smart and engaged individuals and long walks and exploring new neighborhoods. Also a lot of people and a few pets.

The mother of three independent children, Vickie believes in the power of creativity, curiosity and kindness. She has lived by the saying “Leap and the net will appear” for so long that nets now hang midair waiting for her next surprise or misstep.

Find out a little about her volunteer work here. Read the ‘Who am I?” post for a few more answers. Or pose a question for Vickie to answer here!

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