Career & writing coach

I’ve worked with young journalists to develop their craft and their writing for almost 20 years, since my days as an assistant business editor at the Detroit Free Press.  Some have gone onto successful careers writing for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and developing investigative and project stories for Newsday.  And I’ve helped two researchers launch successful careers at Kiplinger and Quicken Loans.

Today, I take just two writing clients at any time – staff writers, attorneys and business owners have been among my clients. I work with them to achieve their writing goals or to teach them social media skills.  I serve as coach, mentor or editor – or all of those. I teach how to use Twitter and LinkedIn as a reporting tool – and when to head to the courthouse (or its online version) to verify information. I help people improve their pitches and clarify their career direction. I also help with career change and reinvention. Read more about me as a writing coach here.

And I also coach people on careers, career reinvention and job search – helping them see their gifts and choose a path that fits their dreams and talents.  Sometimes this happens after a layoff or downsizing; other times people ask me to work with them as they keep their “day job” and seek the “next big thing.”

Recently, I’ve helped young visual artists with career advice, coaching and career workshops through the nonprofit I co-founded called Mint Artists Guild in Detroit.

My coaching happens in tea or coffee shops, on Skype and by telephone.

I’ve taught workshops on profile and feature writing, on journalism basics and on business journalism. I’ve also led job search workshops – including one called Jesus & the Job Hunt that I developed – and provided resume and LinkedIn quick reviews at conferences.

If you are part of a small group of people who need help improving their writing, or creating more compelling content, please contact me about writing workshops or small group coaching.

If you are an individual who wants a caring career or writing coach, please answer these questions and be in touch!


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