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Dannie, waiting to head out for a walk!

Dannie, waiting to head out for a walk!

My gratitude lists fill a journal, so this is just a small sampling of the thanks and appreciation for all the good and great people in my life and work:

  • I’m very grateful to Mark, who loves and supports and encourages me – and often brings me fresh fruit!  And for the array of artists I get to know through his business Integrity Shows.
  • I’m so grateful for S. Mitra Kalita, who invited me to write for Quartz and gave me room to write quirky and surprising stories. She’s now got some big shot title at CNN Digital.
  • I’m grateful to Dion Haynes, the real estate editor at The Washington Post, who has been a wonderful editor for years, and for Maryann Haggerty whose editing and friendship both are incredibly valuable.
  • I appreciate the support and friendship of other freelancers and writers, including Grace, Bertie, Stephanie and Maureen. They make this lonely work a lot warmer.
  • I so appreciate Michelle Hooks, my former researcher, for her instrumental role in helping create this website. Her coding abilities came shining through.
  • I applaud and appreciate my co-founders of Mint Artists Guild: Mark Loeb, my sweetheart; artist Linda Buck and artist Hubert Massey, and to our board members:  Jenn Alcala, Cornell Batie, Espacia Fotiu and Pamela Hilliard Owens.
  • Gratitude and thanks to all my friends and strangers and friends of friends who have donated to Mint Artists Guild – money, supplies, furniture and more.
  • Many thanks to those who have chosen me to be their writing coach or their career / creativity coach. I’m honored to collaborate with you.
  • Thank you to MorgueFile for the great photo library that I use often on WorkingKind and also to Bea and her friends through Europe for and other free photo sites that show up.  And to my friend and colleague Barbara Barefield for sharing a few of her beautiful photos.
  • Love and appreciation to Dannie, my sweet brown dog, who encourages me to take a break and get outside and walk every day. And to Louie who reminds me of the value of snuggling up on chilly days.

Credits:  The colorful two girls photo in the Vickie Elmer logo is © Elissa Brown.  A couple of the Mint Artists photos are © Brendan Ross


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